Irene And The Disappointments at Waterloo Fest (16 June ’19)

This is just a quick review, of a short gig, as I managed to see Irene And The Disappointments at the Waterloo Fest in Crosby Coastal Park, as a bit of a Father’s Day treat!

Irene And The Disappointments

I’d not heard of the band before I first saw them, supporting Tallies at The Shipping Forecast just a month earlier, as reviewed here.

In the meantime, I’d managed to get hold of both of their long players (available for a bargain fiver each on their website), 2015’s About The Walls and So Long Sweet Lime from last year, as I’d really enjoyed what I’d heard both online and at the gig. However, they’d only recently arrived, so I’d only managed to listen to them once apiece.


That means that I’m still fairly unfamiliar with their material, especially as much of their sets seems to be songs not on either LP.

I’d kept an eye out for when they might be playing again, a thought that was only enhanced by the lovely comment I had to my review of them by lead singer and guitarist Lauren Kamberi.

Rather than Cocteau Twins, this time she was sporting a Le Voyage Dans La Lune t-shirt, a very influential French silent film from 1902, which Air named their sixth 2012 album after. However, somehow it always makes me think of Pixies – possibly just the French connection with their fourth album Trompe Le Monde from 1991, although there is a shared sci-fi element too.

Irene And The Disappointments

Assuming the line-up is unchanged from the last album, they also include John Price on guitar, bassist Andrew Tranter and Daniel Weymouth on drums.

It was a pretty busy day, as My Beloved Wife, the Boy Wonder and I had all been up to Anfield to have our photos taken with the European Cup (again…) in the morning, with a trip to the Mons for dinner on the agenda for later.

They were playing as part of the Waterloo Fest, a family fun-day-style event down in the park near the beach, a short walk away from home. We went down on the Sunday as a family, with the Boy Wonder enjoying a few fair rides and winning a sword and shield at hook-a-duck!

My Beloved Wife took him off to the next-door playground, while I returned just as the band had started up, as the first act on the main stage of the day.

Daniel & Andrew

Their set was half an hour, with early highlights being two tracks off So Long Sweet Lime in Why? and Gremlin’s Remorse.

It’s hard to define their sound in great detail, beyond rather tritely just calling them a good pop band. As I mentioned in my previous review, they’re not as “dream-pop” as their bio (or Lauren’s previous t-shirt of choice) suggests.

Towards the end came a new song, possibly entitled Break It, featuring great “ooo”s from Tranter, as on the previous occasion I had seen them. It’s a great sign when one of the best songs in a set is a song that’s yet to be released.

After Lucid, they closed as before with Always On My Mind, which you can see here:

I didn’t hang around for any other bands, as time was fairly tight on the day. As previously, this was a thoroughly enjoyable set, which has got me ready to spin their albums again, and hope that there’s a new one somewhere on the horizon.


Tonight’s t-shirt

Due to the nature of the day overall, I wasn’t actually wearing a band t-shirt for this show, a highly unusual occurrence. However, I did pop on my Irene And The Disappointments badge for their set, which arrived as a freebie with their CDs! I spotted t-shirts for The Rolling Stones and Madness amongst people milling around.

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Here is a very brief sampling of the music from the show on Spotify:

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